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Losing a loved one is always difficult.  In the event you lose a loved one who didn’t have a clear directive in place before their passing, their estate may need to through the court-managed probate process in order for you to gain access to and transfer their assets. Depending on the nature of the estate, probate cases can be straightforward or complex. From filing a petition to appoint a Personal Representative to collecting and managing the assets towards preparation of the final accounting, DSG can advise and represent Executors/Personal Representatives, Trust Administrators, Beneficiaries, Guardians and Conservators throughout the entire probate process. No matter who we work with, our goal is to preserve the estate, navigate the probate process with an efficient, cost-effective strategy, all while maintaining family harmony.

  • Dying without a Will: If a loved one has died without a Will we can help you file for estate administration.
  • Real estate in probate administration: If you need to transfer or partition any real estate in order to resolve the issues associated with an estate.
  • Guardianships and conservatorships: If you have a loved one who has become unable to care for themselves
  • Estate litigation: If you are involved in a dispute over a Will, trust, guardianship or other estate planning or probate matters.

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