The Massachusetts real estate landscape is rapidly changing in part due to a rise of condominium developments in Boston, Cambridge, Newton, Brookline, Somerville and the surrounding areas. In a high-demand and competitive market, a core part of our real estate practice involves counseling our clients on all aspects of condominium law, including condominium conversions and the representation of condominium associations. Our clients include developers, condominium associations and property owners. At DSG, whether you are building these communities or are part of these communities, we want to work with you.


Our significant and long-standing relationships with developers, lenders, investors, architects, engineers, title insurers and other vital players in the development arena help us provide the legal acumen that sets us apart from other firms. Whether you are developing a two-unit condominium or a multi-phase mixed use project, DSG will be an invaluable component of your development team. We work closely with our clients from the initial planning stages of the conversion through the eventual unit sales.


Condominium associations, consisting of mostly volunteer unit owners, face the same burdens and responsibilities as those managing complex business entities. We provide counsel on all issues and legal challenges that arise with shared facilities, from simple amendments to the constituent condominium documents to collection of unpaid condominium fees, and everything in between.  We strive to protect your association’s interests, create sound policies on behalf of unit owners, and limit members’ liability.

Dwyer, Spino and Goncalves, LLC (DSG) is a boutique law firm with convenient locations in Newton, Boston, Winchester, and Philadelphia. DSG Law prides itself in providing our clients with result-oriented, cost-effective legal advice. To reach us, please e-mail us or call 617-244-2665.


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