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Administering an estate is more than just a legal proceeding; it’s helping a grieving family process the loss of a loved one. Perhaps you have been appointed a Personal Representative and/or a trustee, and it falls to you manage the assets among the beneficiaries. Whether it’s providing guidance for trust administration, assessing property, appointing Executors/Personal Representatives, filing the necessary estate taxes, or settling disputes, we are committed to working with surviving friends and family members from start to finish to ensure their loved ones’ last wishes are carried out efficiently and with dignity.

DSG represents those who have been appointed to serve as a Trustee(s) and surviving spouses, family members and friends who are named Executor or Personal Representative throughout Massachusetts:

  • Petitions for Appointment as Personal Representative (Executor)
  • Asset inventory and valuation
  • Property valuation, management and/or liquidation
  • Transfers of residential property
  • Capital gains on taxable income for heirs
  • Massachusetts and federal estate taxes
  • Life insurance asset protection
  • Succession of family business ownership
  • Ancillary probate for out-of-state assets
  • Testamentary trusteeship and fiduciary oversight
  • Trust administration and asset distribution to beneficiaries
  • Working with creditors regarding final debt obligations
  • Probate court litigation and contested will disputes

Dwyer, Spino and Goncalves, LLC (DSG) is a boutique law firm with convenient locations in Newton, Boston, Winchester, and Philadelphia. DSG Law prides itself in providing our clients with result-oriented, cost-effective legal advice. To reach us, please e-mail us or call 617-244-2665.

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