If there is no clear directive/plan in the event death or disability strike to protect you and your loved ones, everyone will be left with nothing but questions: 

  • Who will care for their dependents?
  • Who are their beneficiaries?
  • How will their assets be divided?

Without clear guidance, differences in opinion on these questions and more can lead to irreparable family feuds and additional expenses and taxes being paid. Thankfully, this scenario is entirely preventable with estate planning.    

At DSG, we offer decades of estate planning experience to help you navigate the legal formalities while minimizing the tax burden for your loved ones.

Whether you are parents-to-be, or simply trying to be proactive after retirement, we recognize every individual and their families are unique.  DSG knows how to help navigate you effortlessly through the estate planning process while still protecting assets, streamlining the probate process and minimizing estate taxes. 

No matter your current financial situation or family dynamics, taking the time now to plan your estate is the one of the best ways to protect your loved ones in the future.

DSG’s estate planning practice represents individuals, families and fiduciaries in estate planning, estate administration, trust administration and guardianship administration, elder law matters and probate. 

Our Attorneys structure customized plans to implement our clients’ unique needs, including wealth transfer, state and federal estate tax minimization, business succession planning, asset protection, planning for special needs beneficiaries and elder law.

A focus on tax minimization and planning is a key consideration in our approach to estate planning which may include: 

  • Wills:  A proper Will allows you to stipulate who shall inherit your estate; serve as your personal representative; and if need be, serve as the guardian of your minor children.
  • Durable Powers of Attorney:  Appoints a trusted person to manage your financial, legal and business affairs.
  • Health Care Proxies:  Authorizes a trusted person to make medical decisions on your behalf in the event you are unable communicate with your doctors.
  • Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts:  Provide advanced strategies to protect assets from estate taxes, protracted probate and litigation, to ensure your assets pass according to your wishes, generate income or provide for special needs or charity.
  • Asset Protection:  Shielding specific assets and/or family wealth from creditors and immature or problematic beneficiaries.
  • Elder Law Planning:  Comprehensive planning for long-term care or to preserve Medicaid eligibility.
  • Family Law:  Planning for marriage, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, affidavits, unmarried partners.
  • Business Succession Planning Buy-sell agreements, operating agreements, limited liability companies (LLC), S corporations, etc.

Tax Minimization · Probate Avoidance · Gifting Strategies
Our sophisticated estate plans can help minimize estate taxes, capital gains taxes and gift taxes. With a home, retirement portfolio, and other investments, many small businesses and double-income families who are at or near the current estate tax exemption threshold can also benefit from our estate planning services.

Dwyer, Spino and Goncalves, LLC (DSG) is a boutique law firm with convenient locations in Newton, Boston, Winchester, and Philadelphia. DSG Law prides itself in providing our clients with result-oriented, cost-effective legal advice. To reach us, please e-mail us or call 617-244-2665.


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