Whether are you are starting a business, taking on a partner or investor or buying a business or selling an existing business, it’s crucial to have the right legal advice and legal experience from the beginning.  DSG has worked with a range of growing and established businesses, advising on commercial and corporate law matters. Large or small, each business and the people behind them are different with their own set of unique challenges and needs. Additionally, when needed, we’re able to leverage the experience of our other practice groups to advise on corporate real estate, litigation and other such matters.  We can help you navigate the complex web of laws and regulations.

  • Corporate Formation: Advising business owners on the most advantageous business entity from limited liability companies, S corporation, C corporation, or business trusts. 
  • Buy-sell Agreements:Working with business owners on outlining the documenting the disposition of each owner’s interests and on the exit strategy.  
  • Operating Agreements and Partnership Agreements:  When entering into a business relationship it is important to have all the details outlined.    
  • Corporate Maintenance:  Filing annual reports, preparing annual meetings, regulatory compliance and other governance issues.
  • Business agreements: Drafting and negotiating contracts, licensing agreements and distribution agreements.
  • Franchising:  Whether buying or selling or running a franchise we can advise and help. 
  • Executive contracts and compensation:  Advising corporations and executives in matters involving contracts, compensation, incentive pay and severance.
  • Employment contracts and agreements: Drafting and reviewing employment contracts, non-compete agreements, and confidentiality agreements.
  • Shareholder disputes — Working towards practical solutions to internal disagreements or representing co-owners and minority shareholders in disputes.
  • Commercial litigation: Resolving all types of business and contract disputes.
  • Commercial leases: Representing both landlords and commercial tenants.
  • Commercial real estate:  Negotiating the purchase and sale agreements, title work, and licensing/permitting.
  • Commercial real estate financing:  Servicing buyers, borrowers, lenders and developers.

Dwyer, Spino and Goncalves, LLC (DSG) is a boutique law firm with convenient locations in Newton, Boston, Winchester, and Philadelphia. DSG Law prides itself in providing our clients with result-oriented, cost-effective legal advice. To reach us, please e-mail us or call 617-244-2665.


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